The Love and Light of Our Lord and Savior Jesus, the Christ

by Lymphoma Twins

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released August 6, 2017

Zach Staska - drums, vocals, noise on "Jesus, the Christ"
PJ Presti - bass
Javier Lom - guitars, vocals on "Forbidden", saxophone on "Jesus, The Christ"

Becca Cadalzo - additional vocals on "Jesus, the Christ"
(Becca's vocals recorded at Dubway Studio by Zac Suskevich)

Recorded, engineered, and mastered by Mike Moschetto
Recorded mostly live at Maximum Sound Studios in Danvers, MA

Artwork by Mers Sumida (Black Table/Storm Breather)



all rights reserved


Lymphoma Twins Boston, Massachusetts

Four people who play loud. Zach likes X-Files and magical girls, also is a magical girl. Pj likes wrestling. Javier likes the BasedGod. Ryan dreams bad. Life is pointless, God is dead, etc.


  • Aug 26
    Providence, RI

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Track Name: ...And Suddenly There Was A Great Light
I longed to bathe in your holy light.
I'm blinded by your grace.
My skin boils. You wish it so.
Let me into the darkness again.
Track Name: Jesus, the Christ (ft. Becca Cadalzo)
You spit me out like blood and broken teeth.
I am a dove soaked in gasoline.
What do you see when I pray?
A lukewarm desperation, I'm afraid.
Snake your black tongue down my throats and vomit love into my mouth.
Do I taste like wood and nails?
Like slaughtered lamb?
I would love you if you ever showed your face.
But I'm alone.
I'm afraid.
Snake your black tongue down my throat
And vomit love into my mouth.
I will never be the daughter of an absentee father.
Jesus Christ consumes me because I refuse to eat his flesh, drink his blood.
Track Name: BLM
Let's stop trusting our safety to piss-yellow babies afraid of invisible guns.

I'd love to see a mass grave get dug for a thousand of you racist fucks.

What justice exists in a world where drug charges justify bullets in

When you murder, the dead are the villains. You monsters kill children, yet the dead are the villains?

You can't trust a pig who don't bleed when it's hooked.

I will never love a badge more than another life.
Track Name: The Forbidden Pleasure of Choosing Your Own Death
I was born a rat.
I'll plague my own blood.
I was born a crow.
I'll clip my own wings.
I was born a snake.
I must shed.
Everybody settle down.
There's only so much that I can take.
I shudder to think of living a full existence.
My empty body shall fill with cancers.
And from my throat
I will bleed shadows
That will pool around my feet
And I'll drown.
I shudder to think of living a full existence.
I wish to drown.
I will die a rat.
I will die a crow.
I will die a snake.
I will die and it will be peace.
There's a lot of pressure to not be silent.
Please just let me let go.
Track Name: It Follows Her, She Is Otherwise Alone
Leeches stick to the lids of our coffins to suck your prayers away. The garden overflows with blood and the harvest shows signs of decay. My cries are silent. I cannot risk being heard. My legs are broken. I cannot risk the run. Oh god, please hear me. Oh god, please help me. Oh god, please save me.