Transformation Sequence

by Lymphoma Twins

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This album was written to reflect the cyclical nature of depression, and the three stages of the recovery/relapse process that I have observed myself following for the last few years. These are the most personal songs I've ever written in any facet, and I hope that anyone who listens and experiences something similar in their lives can find the message hidden underneath all the fuzz and feedback that life is worth living and you can survive anything, even when you find yourself at low points.


released March 15, 2015

Written and performed by Zach Staska.
Recorded and Mastered by Mike Moschetto at The Office, N. Andover, MA.
Album Art by Sarah @
Sample on track 1 is from Evangelion. Sample on track 3 was recorded on site at the Narita Airport train station, Japan.



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Lymphoma Twins Boston, Massachusetts

Four people who play loud. Zach likes X-Files and magical girls, also is a magical girl. Pj likes wrestling. Javier likes the BasedGod. Ryan dreams bad. Life is pointless, God is dead, etc.


  • Aug 26
    Providence, RI

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Track Name: A Lone Man Named Petrikov Holds a Lovers Hand Undying
The earth is frozen. I'll still try and tear my way through it. Your hands are beneath the soil. I never stopped longing. My bones are given way to frost, colder than you were in that satin bed. My bones are drier than your fine redwood coffin. I hope they light up like a tinder box. Have you ever had anything worth catching fire for?
Track Name: The Unconquerable Snow Black
I've been waiting for these stitches to burst and these wounds to tear. I've been waiting for the flowers that grow in ash. Happiness is a dull flame. Depression kept me motivated. Wake up to shafts of light. I am desperate to return to the hush that I once was.
Track Name: An Evening With Colossal Slowness
Wool in teeth. Teeth in hide. Blood on snout. Ear to ear. Colossal. Shedding like a snake mortal-coiled tight around your throat. I am the rider alive with the fervor of oceans, come to bring hot death brighter than this warhorse's bones. Mechanical pounding of hooves digging into the earth. Crack in the crust brings a line to your palm. Have it read; "short life". I march slowly but the earth spins fast and you're falling down.